Hi, I'm Amenzie


Founder of Ame Candle Co.

The backstory

I started out making candles in my bedroom during the height of the pandemic and the first big low in my life. The more time, energy, and research I put into making candles and what made a great candle the more I could see a future involving candles. One day I took a leap and opened an Etsy show, that quickly turned into this website and MANY markets. Opening this business has allowed me opportunities I would never go out to obtain on my own.

Made with Love

Made my hand

Our candles are made · tested · colored · packed & cleaned by my hands in my home.

I quickly grew out of my bedroom and im now in a small basement room in my house - at least im not sleeping with the scents 😵‍💫.

I make candles in small batches ( 4-6 candles at a time per scent). But slowly I am having to increase those numbers, which means I may need a bigger space soon.

Located in Stamford, Connecticut each candle is inspired by my family, experiences and the seasons of New England.